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SEMAR is an automotive team from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia, which is concerned in developing ultra-low fuel consumption vehicle. Since established, many products and innovations that support world’s energy-saving program has been created. This year, we develop two super mileage-vehicles with two different energy sources, electric battery and gasoline fuel.

Semar Project

Proto 3.0

Semar Urban is a 4-wheel city car concept vehicle with gasoline engine as the main driver. For urban cars, SEMAR conducts research on parts of the engine by adopting the latest technology to obtain a car that not only saves fuel but also consumes electricity more efficiently. Compact, Lightweight, and Beauty are the main point that we highlight in this car.

Urban 4.0

The prototype electric, we develop a controller that we produce ourselves and supported by a lightweight car because it uses a monoque carbon fiber chassis, it’s hoped that our car can become the most efficient car. Semar Proto Electric is a prototype concept vehicle with an electric motor as the main driver and energy source from the charger battery. Irit, Streamline, Cakep!

Quarterly Report

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