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A student-led automotive team focused on research, development, and manufacturing of Ultra-low Fuel Consumption Vehicles, from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. Since 2009, we have done many projects supporting the world's energy saving program also collected numerous awards and achievements in national, as well as international competition.

Our Vehicle

Prototype Electric 3.1

A zero-emission supermileage vehicle. Designed to be as lightweight and aerodynamic as possible, the Proto 3.1 aims to achieve maximum efficiency. The vehicle is powered by electricity and utilizes a self-manufactured electric motor controller. With this ambitious project, Semar UGM aims to set new records and contribute to the advancement of sustainable transportation.

Urban Hydroz 1.0

Semar Hydroz 1.0, a hydrogen-powered super mileage vehicle. This cutting-edge vehicle utilizes hydrogen as its primary energy source, a clean and renewable fuel that has the potential to significantly reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Through the development of the Semar Hydroz 1.0, SEMAR UGM aims to make a meaningful contribution to the advancement of sustainable transportation and support the efforts towards a greener future.

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