Shell Eco Marathon Asia


Shell Eco – Marathon has been started since 1939, when Shell Oil Company employees in the USA made a friendly wager over who could travel furthest on the same amount of fuel.

This competition keeps going till nowadays to challenges students around the world to design, build, and drive the most energy-efficient car. With three annual events in Asia, America, and Europe, student teams take to the track to see who goes further on the least amount of fuel.


The competition is split into two classes or categories. The prototype class focuses on maximum efficiency, while passenger comfort takes a back seat. The Urban concept class encourages more practical designs. Cars are also divided by energy type:

  • Internal Combustion engine fuels include petrol, diesel, liquid fuel mode from natural gas and ethanol
  • In electric mobility category, vehicles are powered by hydrogen fuel cells and lithium – based batteries


SEMAR in Shell Eco – Marathon

As the competition started in 1939 in Asia, America, and Europe. SEMAR Team has joined this competition since 2010. In 2010, SEMAR has joined this competition that held on Malaysia with their first generation of proto gasoline car. Fortunately, we got an achievement as the Best 10 Innovative Design. And in the next year, 2011, SEMAR came back with their first generation of urban car and luckily take the 3rd place. In 2012, SEMAR also participate in this competition.

After the participation in 2010, 2011, and 2012, SEMAR had a “short break” until several years ago, in March 2017 we came back to the race to prove that we can compete globally. It can be proven from our achievement. SEMAR successfully run the race and become the grand finalist in Drivers’ World Champion ship Regional Asia. And the last year in 2018, SEMAR achieved 2nd Place Urban Gasoline Shell Eco-marathon Asia, 4th Place Prototype Electric Shell Eco-marathon AsiA, and 1st Place Drivers’ World Championship Asia.